Dear Madam / Sir,

On behalf of Fundacja Wierczuk Race Promotion, which I have the honour to represent and run I would like to take this opportunity to shed a bit of light upon some of the extraordinary achievements of Jan Antoszewski, a driver that we support and cooperate with since 2012.

Based in the economy strong Greater Poland area both Jan and his closest family are genuine motorsport fanatics while at the same time being highly professional with their approach. Despite a still modest age “Jachu” – an acclaimed paddock personality is a fully committed athlete doing everything in all aspects of his live to bring upon best possible results. And the results he brings as per his outstanding CV. Apart from recent years he is the newly crowned Suzuki Swift Cup Europe Champion, a category that is a prime example of how competitive and close-fought professional racing might be. I honestly believe we touch here the single factor that makes Jan stand out from sometimes equally talented drivers not really inferior to him in terms of pure speed. The complexity and sheer competitiveness of today’s motorsport require a full package, an honest and genuine commitment from even the most talented individuals. Jan delivers it. Both on track and out of the car he is a clear perfectionist. Surprisingly mature, given his date of birth race craft coupled by an almost non-existent error balance (verified by a line of extreme consistency within his results) and a visibly explosive natural speed result in a highly competent and effective driver.

Adding to this we have a very meticulous approach towards technical work, knowledge and cooperation with mechanics, engineers, series representatives and so on. Within such a technical sport like this the above mentioned attitude is a condition sine qua non in case you aim for top results. The higher level you tackle the more important it gets. With driver performance and equipment being held at a pretty much identical level there is simply not much scope for gaining an advantage. It is exactly at this point where Antoszewski presents, in my humble view best proof of his determination. He is very patient, hard-working, perceptive and stubborn while at the same time holds in high esteem a good word of advice which enables him to benefit from experience of others. This is precisely why we, as Fundacja WRP have chosen to cooperate with Jan. It is my deep believe that an effective world class competitor should be in a way a calculated character even a bit greedy towards his potential results if I may say so but at the same time calm and open minded spreading a flair of harmony around himself so important in order to maintain appropriate level of motivation within a team. For this sport is all about team work in spite of a single person sitting in a car. The end result is achieved by all. Not everybody understands this simple reliance and even fewer are prepared to make use of it. Michael Schumacher would not be able to win a history making tale of seven World Championship titles had he not subdued Scuderia Ferrari. And that is exactly what Jan Antoszewski possesses. He has a gift for creating motivation in others.

A thorough, race by race analysis of his achievements will unravel that the above mentioned information is purely bona fide. The sheer amount of success from a number of different karting categories to every car series he compet ed at proves that Antoszewski is more than just eligible for getting to the very top of motorsport ladder. An ever decreasing age barrier in motorsport means that his portfolio is very rich and an amazing level of regularity in respect of his many successes shows just how easy he can adjust to new equipment and rising challenges. It is important to notice here that even this year’s title was won by Jan in a debut year. He was completely new to the category. The goals were traditionally set high for Jan and he simply achieved them. Always.

To sum up, giving you to consider a potential cooperation with Jan Antoszewski I remain fully convinced that in the event of a positive decision he will not let you down. I must bring here up Jan’s vast experience within media activity. Not without reason have I mentioned his popularity within the paddock. For I have no doubts that Jan, within shortest perspective could become a “face” of a larger PR campaign. Motorsport is in today’s world inseparably related to PR area and that is another value within Jan’s biography. It is also worth mentioning that Fundacja WRP regularly cooperates with the choosen sports and general journalists on the Polish market which additionally reinforces potential for operation.

I believe you are aware but I just wish to make a hint about the hallmark of the Polish market. Polish motorsport needs new personalities. Needs new heroes. Involvement of Polish fans is huge and this potential is by large unexploited what distinctly shows the case of Robert Kubica. You do not obtain such status automatically. Results, even the best are not everything. There are many very good drivers and a couple of them brilliant who remain largely un noticed by the public. This is the unused potential I referred to. There is a clear need of partnership in order to reveal capabilities of our nation’s fans. We do have a strong, ready basis for such plans and in sports context we do not need much. In the name of Fundacja Wierczuk Race Promotion I also ensure full support in terms of contacts including a number of Formula 1 teams. It was indeed our common success with Jan that he became this year the youngest Pole to test an LMP1 car within a team that competes in no other than a world famous Le Mans 24Hour Race.

Faithfully Yours
Jarosław Wierczuk